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06. März 2014


“South Africa has made many advances in promoting gender and reproductive health rights in the past 20 years, but more still needs to be done.”

The Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, has urged officials and experts from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS), attending the Inaugural BRICS Seminar on Population Matters, to give special attention to exchanging ideas on advancing both gender and reproductive health rights.

“As experts on population matters, I urge you to engage on this matter, drawing lessons from all our different experiences, in order to further promote gender and reproductive health rights in our countries and the world,” Minister Dlamini said.

A presentation by the South African delegation showed that in South Africa, women are still vulnerable due to exposure to gender-based violence, and the reproductive health rights for black women remain limited.

In order to contribute towards addressing these problems, the Department of Social Development is currently piloting a 24-hour helpline which victims of gender-based violence can call for support and guidance by trained social workers.

The seminar was called to exchange knowledge and experiences on each country’s population trends, dynamics and policy responses thereto, and on the basis of this exchange to identify areas of cooperation on population-related issues.

It was expected that the outcome of the seminar would be a broad framework document for BRICS cooperation on population-related issues. The framework would in turn be presented to a meeting of BRICS ministers responsible for population matters at a later stage.

Minister Dlamini said the seminar was another step towards strengthening cooperation among the major emerging economies of the South.
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