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27. Februar 2014


The more we tell the good story of the success of our country, the more we realise how much more
we still have to share with the country and the world.

“Our message has been loud and clear. Twenty years of freedom and democracy have changed the face of our country.”

Addressing the National Assembly in Cape Town on 20 February 2014 in response to the Debate on the State of the Nation Address, President Jacob Zuma said South Africa was a much better place to live in now than it was before 1994.

He admitted that more had to be done.

“The next five years will be about moving South Africa forward, building on the successes of the past 20 years and the past five years. We will focus yet again on the five priorities we had identified in 2009. These are education, health, the fight against crime, rural development and land reform as well as creating decent jobs. We will also continue to expand access to housing and basic services.

“We have achieved political freedom, now we must achieve economic freedom, and ensure that the ownership, management and control of the economy are deracialised further. We will also ensure that we build an inclusive economy whose growth will result in more jobs for our people, building on the current successes in job creation,” the President said.

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