The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice is a UN Commission that formulates international policies and recommends activities in the field of crime control.  Under CCPCJ, there is a Centre for International Crime Prevention (CICP), which is the United Nations office responsible for crime prevention, criminal justice and criminal law reform.  It pays special attention to combating transnational organized crime, corruption, terrorism, money laundering and illicit trafficking in human beings.

South Africa and the  CCPCJ:

Membership: currently 40 members elected by the Economic and Social Council for a three-year period.  South Africa was a member of the Commission from 2001-2003 and 2012-2014.

  • Commission provides policy guidance to UN member states and funds for the regional centres
  • Develops and reviews the implementation of the UN crime prevention programmes
  • Mobilises technical assistance and support for states
  • Holds a UN Congress on the prevention of crime and the treatment of offenders, every five years

South Africa actively participates in the annual session of the CCPCJ, which is being held in the first half of each year. Every five years the United Nations organizes a Crime Congress. The 2010 Congress was hosted by Brazil and marked the fifty-fifth anniversary of United Nations congresses on crime prevention and criminal justice. The overarching theme of the 12th Crime Congress was "Comprehensive strategies for global challenges: crime prevention and criminal justice systems and their development in a changing world" and South Africa participated on Ministerial level in the high-level segment which adopted a Declaration containing recommendations based on the deliberations of the Conference. Cybercrime was identified as an emerging major threat and a Working Group was established to develop a comprehensive study on cybercrime, chaired by Ambassador Xolisa Mabhongo, Permanent Representative to the UN in Vienna.


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