South Africa in Austria

14. September 2015



Saturday, 26 September 2015

The South African Embassy together with Dschungel Wien bring you an unforgettable day in celebration of South Africa's Heritage month. Come and experience South Africa's rich culture and heritage in the middle of Vienna.

16:30 Workshop / Drum & Gumboot-Dance / Admission: € 2.00
The Sowetan born and award-winning musician, dancer and choreographer Thabiso Serobanyane will be drumming and dancing with children and young people in a one-hour workshop. Gumboot Dance (dt. Gummistiefel-Tanz) is a modern African dance and a lively part of the South African culture.

17:30 Film / Khumba – The zebra with only half his stripes / Admission: free
A captivating animated fun for the whole family: the young zebra Khumba arrives on this world with a small problem: the black stripes on the rear part of his body are missing. His herd members are full of prejudices and when a drought starts after his birth the herd members begin to exclude Khumba. As the water becomes scarcer Khumba decides to go and find his stripes and return the water. He embarks on an exciting journey through the desert, meets new friends and faces a tyrannical leopard.

20:00 Concert / DUBE  / Admission: € 9.00
DUBE means "Zebra" in the isiZulu language and stands for a world in which people of all colors and religions live together in peace and harmony. This wonderful vision is reflected in DUBE’s music - an unmistakable sound of traditional & township music along with modern sounds. DUBE enchant and enthrall their audience - again and again - their music is enjoyment, touches and enriches.

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