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29. April 2014


South Africa celebrated Freedom Day on 27 April 2014, marking the day 20 years ago when the first democratic elections were held in the country.

Speaking during the national celebrations at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, President Jacob Zuma said: “We are succeeding to heal the wounds of our brutal and divided past. We are gradually making progress in building a common national identity, built on respect for one another and the love of our country. Step by step, we are building the South Africa that our selfless and committed freedom fighters fought for. We are making tremendous progress each year.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Arts and Culture has appointed renowned choreographer and dancer, Somizi Mhlongo, to create the Freedom Dance. The dance is inspired by various high points in the past twenty years and includes the dance moves of the iconic late former President Nelson Mandela as well as encompassing his raised fist after his release, “thobela” dance moves and others. The Freedom Dance can be downloaded on the link:

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Dance video dance

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