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17. January 2014


President Zuma called on South Africans to unite beyond barriers of race, creed, and gender or class so that the country could succeed in confronting the challenges it faces.

The year ahead will be a momentous year for South Africa as the country marks its 20 years of freedom and democracy, President Jacob Zuma said in his New Year message.

The President said that the year ahead would give South Africans an opportunity to reflect on how the country had achieved its freedom and democracy - and on the progress it had made in the last two decades.

“We will also reflect on how we will continue to work together as a nation as we implement our vision 2030 as outlined in the National Development Plan."

South Africa was a much better place than it was in 1994, he said, and life had changed for millions of South Africans. But "our work is not yet completed. We must continue working together in 2014 to build a South Africa of our dreams … we must continue to build a South Africa which inspires people to achieve greater things for themselves and their country".

President Zuma said a prosperous South Africa would be achieved when there was work for everyone, when it became a society where everyone could make a meaningful contribution to the development of the country. Source:


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