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20. October 2013

Government welcomes DIRCO's Online Radio Station


Acting GCIS CEO, Phumla Williams said, “Government will use this innovative undertaking to raise public awareness and stimulate public discourse on South Africa’s foreign policy. Ubuntu Radio will be accessible to South Africans and beyond the borders of our country, able to reach many parts of the world”.

Government has congratulated the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) on the anticipated launch of the new 24-hour online radio station, Ubuntu Radio.

The radio station will also enrich the available bouquet of government platforms ranging from the bi-weekly newspaper, Vuk’uzenzele, GovComms (a quarterly newsletter), the Public Sector Manager magazine and the online South African Government News Agency, which make it possible for South Africans to engage with government content.

“Ubuntu Radio is another platform that will further shape public discourse on matters of national importance and government is confident that the online radio station will keep audiences informed about the policies and activities of government and the opportunities arising from these programmes,” said Williams.

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